What is the water temperature like – which suit should I bring?

We’ve got from November to May about 26-27 degrees and from June to October about 28-29 degrees water temperature. We have 3mm shorty in rental, which is absolutely sufficient for most purposes. Which suit you prefer in this temperature, you’ve got to decide by you self as everyone has got a different temperature perception….

What kind of equipment should I bring with?

We’ve got a full stock of rental equipment. Should you have your own equipment, please bring a DIN to INT adapter. We only have “a few” for rental and sometimes not enough. A buoy is also always advisable.

How is the schedule for guided shore dives?

In general, we do two dives in a day, either on the same beach or we change the site for the second dive. We meet in the dive shop at 9:30am, load the cars with all we need for the day and drive to the chosen dive site. After the first dive there is a lunch break in a restaurant (not included), after we’ve done the second dive we pack everything together and heading back to the shop. Then it’s around 5pm.

Do I need a medical statement?

We recommend to everyone, have yourself checked by a doctor before your vacation. It’s for your own safety but it’s not mandatory to bring a medical statement. On our registration form you confirm with your signature that you are healthy and physically fit to dive. If you cannot confirm that, then you have to consult a doctor before we will take you diving.

Do you offer any boat trips?

At the moment we only arrange boat thru another agency to Klein Curacao.

I’m on a cruise, and have a stopover for a day in Curacao and I would like to dive with you. How would the schedule look like?

We pick you up at 9.00am at the pier, drive together to the dive shop for the paper work and to sort out the equipment. After loading the car we’re good to go for two dives with a lunch break in between (Not included). Round about 4-5pm we bring you back to the ship. Which dive sites we’re going to depends on our planning or suggestion on this day.